I've always wondered, how do they know how many people have what flu-like virus? I used to go to my doctor and he would yawn, tell me I have the flu, and then usually offer me amoxicillin, ti to make sure I got my money's worth. Never a blood test, or really much of anything. And it's not that my doctor was bad, every other one I've ever had was about the same.
Both the cautions and the reassurances re Zika remind me of the early AIDS days.
I've never been to the doctor with a cold or a flu-like anything. I feel like I'd be wasting their time, since there's nothing they can really do for me, and I'd be infecting everyone in the waiting room. I'd have to feel like death, or be in some serious pain, to go to the doctor.
It's just dumb-assed luck that so far the mosquitos in the US part of North America can't transmit Zika. That could change in the not too distant future because of climate change. Malaria-infested English settlers brought the disease with them when they settled in Jamestown in the early 17th century, causing much misery to the indigenous people they encountered.
@3: There are masks and hand sanitizers everywhere at clinics. What if you had walking pneumonia? That's not contagious. Neglecting your own health is very selfish to those who love you, your family, your dependents, not to mention your pets.
@1: I'd be skeptical of a doctor who offers antibiotics after diagnosing a viral infection.
@5: concern troll is concerned.

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