Jon Krakauer Will Be at Town Hall Tonight to Talk About Missoula, His Book About Campus Rape


When I was there, we fetishized loggers.
Re the male hosts: personal politics is dead on this issue. In my personal experience with reporting campus assault (as a bystander, one of probably two dozen students who met at various times with admins to try to get them to get rid of the abuser), the best allies, hands down, were men.
Not being able to find a woman is a KUOW problem, sadly. A few weeks ago, Bill Radke hosted an all-male panel on "diversity." No one pointed out the irony of this. One male guest brought up his long-time dislike of Hillary and there was giggling all around. Sigh. I really didn't feel like pledging after that. Liberals seem to feel that they can speak for everybody, but they can't.