Over in comments on this week's review of brand-new Skillet Diner, a couple issues have been raised by DM1:

is this a restaurant review or a reporting of things that she has "heard"? Or both?

from the article

"In additional reporting on breakfast, I've heard that the scramble with snap peas, goat cheese, and chanterelles (which changes daily and is served on top of presumably gigantic brioche toast, $9) was outstanding..."

DM1: It is both. You had it there for a moment! That is what "additional reporting" means. (Here it came from my colleagues Jen Graves and Cienna Madrid.) Okay! Moving on! Oh... wait.

Also, the reviewer mentioned that a staff member at the restaurant recognized her as a reviewer. This would greatly improve the food and the service. I doubt if I eat there I will experience the same quality, as I am not a recognized food journalist and reviewer.

DM1: As I said in the review, it DID greatly improve the service: "When I saw that server who knew me, my wait for a table went from 40 minutes to 6, then I got glared at by everyone around me when my food came before theirs—well, I would've been happy to wait." You would not experience this same quality of uncomfortableness/glaring! I do not believe they were able to greatly improve the food, as they have the same ingredients, equipment, etc., for everyone, and they did not, say, shave truffles all over everything. Now, really, onward!

My favorite comment so far is about about Skillet Diner's glassware:

Away with the Kerr jars!! We are not the Clampetts, we can actually use a real glass. Kerr jars are for canning, not drinking.

Hear, hear.