An ugly development in Michigan:

Many government employers in Michigan will be barred from providing health care benefits to the domestic partners of public employees under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday. Snyder said the prohibition will not apply to employees of the state public universities or to state government employees.

The measure does apply to municipal and school employees, and to homosexual and heterosexual couples alike. It was primarily aimed at ending the practice of providing benefits to same-sex couples, which was adopted by a handful of cities, schools and most of the state's public universities after the adoption of the state's one-man, one-woman marriage amendment in 2004. Snyder had been under pressure from gay rights activists and others to veto the bill.

But lead sponsor Rep. David Agema, R-Grandville, praised the governor's decision, saying, "Time and again, Michigan residents have said 'no' to paying for the health benefits of the roommates and unmarried partners of public employees, and the governor's signature today gives the people's voice the rule of law."

Good to know that the law applies to "homosexual and heterosexual couples alike." Of course, unmarried heterosexual couples have the option of becoming married heterosexual couples.

And if a few small towns in Michigan wanted to deny domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples and a Democratic signed a law that required these towns to provide DP benefits, Republicans in Michissippi would be running in circles screaming about small government and local control. And, excuse me, by the state of Michigan passed a law barring local governments and school districts from providing for domestic partner benefits but the state itself still extends those benefits to its employees? I just hate it when hate is inconsistently applied. The ACLU is going to sue. And I'm going to add "David Agema" to my stable of automated Google searches. Fully expect to see David's name on Gay Homophobe before the end of the year or to be reading about his resignation after he pulls an Amy Koch.