New York rap crew Das Racist are just one of many people and groups who are speaking out against PopChips' recent ad featuring Ashton Kutcher as a "Bollywood producer named Raj," where Kutcher is wearing brown face paint, a nose prosthesis, and speaking in fake accent (all to sell a snack, weirdly). Now, DR's Twitter feed is full of hate, racism, and threats. Says Larry Mizell, Jr.:

The DR Twitter timeline is full of retweets of angry, stupid people telling them to "pump gas," that they'll rub DR's faces in dog shit, that they like "bang Indian chicks," and such. I spoke with DR's Honorable Prophet Dapwell about this situation. "This is the most inundated with crazy white people we've ever been, for sure," he tells me via phone. I ask if there's been death threats. "I mean, there's threats of violence for sure; I'll read one that I just got...'you guys are fucking stupid...and you live in Brooklyn!!! I'm going to find you and beat your sensitive asses' pussies.'" (Yo, that does't even really make sense, dog.)

Dap tells me that it's the younger heads around 19 or so, born after events that might lend some context, really don't seem to understand the ruckus: "they literally dont understand why blackface, brownface, yellowface or whatever is disrespectful."

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