Now that Democrat Jay Inslee has officially won the race for governor, the Seattle Times editorial board just posted an editorial giving him marching orders (no new taxes!). They intone that Inslee "will have to say no to some of the friends who helped get him elected."



Presumably, I suppose, that means they want Inslee to say "yes" to them, the people who tried to prevent him from getting elected.

But if the editorial board of a paper that endorsed Inslee's Republican opponent, twice, shamelessly lied to help that opponent, and then took out tens of thousands of dollars in political ads for his opponent's campaign—if they think Inslee would listen to them now—they've been huffing glue.

It's like Amy Winehouse giving a teenager lessons on sobriety. It's like Bush giving Obama lessons on foreign affairs. It's like... wait, it really is like a deluded, right-wing, two-faced editorial board giving advice to a Democratic politician.

Their editorial board is so shameless this evening that they tell Inslee "there can be no more erosion of funding for higher education." Which makes sense: unless your paper consistently opposes the revenue needed to maintain funding for higher education. Realistically, the Seattle Times is always going to oppose Inslee, so he should feel just hunky-dory about ignoring their shitty, illogical advice.