This Saturday, for the Moment Magnitude at Frye Museum, I'm going to present a lecture on the history of social housing in the US. Some idea of this lecture:

My lecture will be about the period of time between 1979 and 2008. 1979 marks the end of Good Times, a sitcom about a black American family living in the twilight of the “goodtimes”—the “goodtimes” being the Civil Rights moment, the moment of the Great Society, the moment just before the forces of neoliberalism are unleashed on “the black metropolis.” 1979 is the year Margaret Thatcher, the queen of neoliberalism, rises to power. 1989 represents another moment in this history. This is the moment of regeneration/gentrification and the relocation of the urban poor to the periphery, the suburbs—a relocation that subsequently begins to collapse in 2007, triggering the global economic crash of the following year.
The lecture is tied to this video mix...
The lecture happens at 4 pm.