NOTE: Kenny G is not now and never was involved in the Slog vs. Kenny G Holiday Charity Challenge.


Sweet Slog friends, we chose the new commenter tag to be bestowed upon each and every giver to Northwest Harvest this holiday season—helping feed local hungry people, including an unconscionable number of kids and elderly—and we chose SLOG CHARITY CHALLENGE ALL-STAR. But, then, over here in comments, you people had some ideas that are clearly WAY better. And, as TVDinner put it, "Slog charity challenge all star?" Really? Sigh." To which gloomy gus said, nicely, "indeed, not the best title yet. Still, it works great as a benchmark for how luxurious a problem can be."

Still: It's your party! And there's no smooth jazz playing, you know what I'm saying? Let's choose a new, improved tag from your suggestions. This is going to be a quick poll, because your new choice is going in tomorrow's paper, and we're on deadline. Vote now!

You ask: "Do I need to donate to Northwest Harvest again in order to have my tag updated to the new, improved one that will be chosen here???" ANSWER: Donating again makes you a more stupendous, swashbuckling master-and-commander/international megastar (that is, no, you don't, but you totally should! Any amount helps those hungry kids and old people. CRY).

Vote quick! And be a giver! And thanks for being an awesome person.