This is a screenshot of a sample of the new $100 bill, which enters circulation on October 8th of this year:


It's supposedly the best anti-counterfeiting money yet. You can investigate the security features of the new $100 bill over at

Years ago when the new twenties were first introduced, I was standing in line at a checks cashed place, and the man at the front of the line absolutely refused to get paid out in new twenties. He demanded that the teller look through the till and give him only the old twenties. "I don't want any of that Monopoly money bullshit," the man proudly told the long line of people behind him. I still think of this guy pretty often; I wonder if he's still enforcing that policy, now that virtually all the money has changed over to the big-head style. And I know that if this guy is still frequenting checks-cashed places, he's going to refuse this new $100. But what do you think?