Let's Start With the Good News: Baby sloths love to cuddle.

Owners of Bangladeshi Factory Behind Bars: Three of them have already been thrown in jail after Bangladesh's government ordered their arrest. The death toll stemming from the building's collapse is assumed to be over 300 workers.

Boston Updates: The Boston Globe reported the incredible story of the man who was allegedly carjacked by the Boston bombing suspects. Meanwhile, authorities are looking for the suspected bomber's laptop in a landfill.

9/11 Update: A five-foot-tall piece of one of the 9/11 plane's landing gear was found wedged between two buildings near the World Trade Center.

Washington State Gun Control Take Two: This time, it's an initiative. The last time a gun-control initiative was attempted in Washington the NRA spent $5 million and "shot it down."

In Other Washington Gun News: A gunfight broke out, at 1:30 p.m., in a crowded gas station parking lot in Elma.

FOILED: Four men have been jailed for plotting a suicide attack in the UK.

World's Second Oldest Animal Dies in Cairo: He was 270-years-old, he was a turtle, and he lived in Egypt's Giza Zoo. The ancient turtle—who lived through all of Egypt's modern presidencies and the colonial era preceding it—did not live to see an end to the violent protests plaguing Egypt right now.

Elsewhere in the Middle East: Sectarian violence is rapidly escalating in Iraq. 200 are believed to be dead so far.

While We're on the Topic of Things the US Doesn't Want to Talk About: There is mounting suspicion that Syria used chemical weapons in its ongoing civil war. President Barack Obama doesn't know what to do about it.

APodments: Will no longer be exempt from the design-review process in Seattle.