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Clearly, the Amazon employees know the three-card monte, that's how Bezos started it.
Old Kindehook as the origin of OK? No, sorry, that is demonstrably false. it comes from the intentional misspelling (all the rage in the late 1830's) "Oll Korect"
This makes me painfully homesick for Seattle.
i kinda feel like the big guy jus staring cuz its not really that funny:( but you have more guts then me id never get up in front of others like that! i applaud U!
No. OK comes from use of early flame throwers during the American Civil War. When an enemy soldier had emptied a tank and could spread flaming accelerant no more, those hiding from the flames could declare to one another "O.K.". In other words it was safe to emerge as the enemy was "Out of Kerosene". Thus "Is it OK to come out now?"
No no no. OK is an abbreviation of Okley doKely
I beg to differ, OK is short for Old Knickers. Duh!

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