Books May 11, 2006 at 4:00 am

Jonathan Lethem, Dale Peck, Gary Lutz, and Five Other Writers Review the Short Stories in Charles D'Ambrosio's Long-Awaited New Book


Seems to me y'all mixed up the authors of these reviews. I'd bet twenty bucks the one you have labeled "Jonathan Lehtem" is by Gary Lutz.
Anna Maria Hong: It's really a shame you were too focused on Kirsten's breasts to discover something much more powerful in this story. I won't try to spell it out. Your cynicism has overwhelmed any semblance of wisdom you may have. If you enjoyed the story even only slightly, please read it again. No need to focus on the Kristen's breasts again, you've covered that all too well. Try to focus on a few images from the beginning and connect them to the end. Yes, her breasts, or more importantly, her bosom, is an important image in the story, but there are other components that will convey a deeper sense of who Kristen is, or was. Lance, as clueless as he seems, is also integral in Kristen's life. Have a second read, this time without the sarcasm; life has many lessons for those who can hold back the cynicism. This story is one huge example.

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