Books May 1, 2008 at 4:00 am

Why Doesn't Support Seattle Arts?

Aloof, apart, and sulky. Curt Doughty


Does anyone know if Microsoft is still paying out at $15/hour (or something like that) to non-profits that their employees donate their time to? I know this was the case a couple years ago, but I'm curious if this program has been yanked along with various other MS spending in the last few months.
I think it's stupid that there's some sort of chastising going on here for NOT contributing to a given charity. The whole idea behind philanthropy is that it's ELECTIVE. I don't care who earns what; there should never be any pressure to donate anything. It's a slippery slope; who decides what to donate? How much is the 'right' amount? Frankly, I think Amazon is doing more for the community by staying in line as a profitable organization that can actually employ people, rather than some of the banks & department stores lauded for their charity- these organizations that don't seem to do a good job of managing their own finances. Rock on, Amazon!
I work at a Human Services Non Profit in Seattle -- practically in their backyaard, and not only do they not donate, they make you go through voicemail hell before you get to the right extention in marketing which is a recording saying that they don't donate, when calling back to speak to a live human, they were so rude and elitist! Booooooo Amazon!

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