Slog Tipper Alyson points us to this lovely Vice Magazine interview with Lynda Barry. It begins exactly the way every interview with Lynda Barry should begin:

Vice: You. Are. Amazing.

But then the minute Barry starts talking, it's clear she's distracted:

Lynda Barry: Thanks, but I’m not feeling very amazing at all. Ever since I found out an industrial wind farm is being planned for right beside our place—67 turbines, each standing 40 stories tall, 1,000 feet from our door. We’re looking at losing everything we’ve worked for—maybe having to move and start over. I’ll try not to mention it again, but if you would like to know more about a whole other side of “wind energy” you can visit the website I run for our community. It’s at I do want people to know these machines are not benign. They bring a lot of misery to those who are forced to live among them.

She says she'll try not to mention it again, but about a quarter of the interview is about the turbines. The other three quarters is great stuff, though, and I think, in many ways, it wouldn't be a great Lynda Barry interview without some sort of sad distraction pulling on the edges of it.