My wife has this, she loves it and it actually smells pretty good.
i love the word "hobo".
They used to sell this in the Central Library gift kiosk-- in fact it's probably still there and on sale. Having personally sniffed it I wouldn't say it smells like books-- just a subtle "not-nothing" smell. Great in theory, though.
Tried it, it smells fantastic. Totally the smell of the little neighborhood used bookstore.
It needs a touch of alcoholic B.O. too.
Demeter also makes a scent called "Paperback," if you're in to that sort of thing...
Next they'll introduce a perfume called "At the Bus Stop", followed by "O de Movie Theatre".
hmmmm....for Seattle it would be a combination of various Hobo excretionary smells, the stench of young fratboys and homosexuals (excessive amounts of A&F cologne), the aroma of an organic pita sandwich being surreptiously eaten by the on the go baby Bjorn toting, Prius driving soccer mom, the b.o. of that natural bike ridin' hipster dude in the Penguin cap and vintage polo shirt, a wet labradoodle wearing a bandana, a coffee drinking senior in a greasy beret and the waft of patchouli and hemp from the Hippie chick using a computer to research her next trip to Machu Pichu, or Berkeley or Wimminfest.
quite a list ... where do you fit in?
damn...joke name fails when misspelled!

Move back 3 spaces.
God, I love the smell of books. But, not enough to wear perfume that smells like the smell of books.
i work in a library.
you touch the most disgusting things ever working in a library.
people have no consideration for public property. books come back with unknown stains, smells, varying dergrees of stickiness. sometimes i wish people would just tell us what it is they are smearing all over the books.
so i would have to disagree. books smell disgusting because they are disgusting.
Makes me wheeze just thinking about it. "Hint of mildew" indeed.
don't forget about when the hobos poop in the sinks... definite library aroma
OMG! Want want want want want!
I was kinda hope for that "New Bookstore Smell" perfume instead.

(The smell of sweaty vinyl seats, nudie art books with their plastic wrappers stuffed behind them, a child's discard juice box, and just a hint of Starbucks.)
don't forget the smell of diapers wafting from the restroom.

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