cf46/1236365198-2007-md.jpgLast week on the Seattle Poetry Chain, Rebecca Hoogs shared a playful, funny, intelligent poem with us. This is because Rebecca Hoogs is funny and intelligent (but I haven't checked on the playful part) in real life. This week, she has decided to share Julie Larios with Slog. Here's why:

Julie and I and several wonderful others worked together on a weekly basis for eight years until most of the group scattered to the wind this past year. Luckily for Seattle, Julie stayed here and continues to amaze me with her poetry. She has an alter ego—Julie Larios, the children's book writer, and I highly recommend YELLOW ELEPHANT or IMAGINERY MENAGERIE to young readers everywhere—but I even more highly recommend Julie Larios the wickedly funny, subversive, and irreverent poet. There is no one she will not make fun of (Jorie Graham, I'm looking at you). There is no pretty poetic convention she will not make ugly. She does not like the word "twinkle." She may look like a very sweet lady, but she's not. She's a great poet.

Julie Larios has had fiction published in many different places, including The Best American Poetry 2007. Here is her poem, which utterly charmed me:


Thanks to Rebecca Hoogs, and many, many thanks to Julie Larios. Tune in next Friday at noon to see who she picks for the next link in the Seattle Poetry Chain.