Books May 29, 2009 at 3:37 pm


Oh yes, pick a fight with ebooks, Sherman. No way you'll ever regret that. Way to stand athwart history, shouting, "Get off my lawn!"
OOh. I want a new Darwyn Cooke book.
Glad to see Nog mentioned--a fine, strange novel.
A really good book festival would be so awesome. I would go bananas at something like that.
Joshua Ferris! No fair Paul.
Hey Paul, Small Beer Press were there — we changed it up to books on display instead of a booth. We were near Two Dollar Radio, so I'm sorry we missed you.

We did tend to wander away when our authors were doing signings and sometimes we got distracted: had to wait in line for Lorrie Moore's new novel (signed!) and Brian Evenson's collection. Didn't get too many other books this year, which was just fine.

Yay for more bookfests (bring one ot Boston!) and I hope they follow the Brooklyn model which we love.

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