The ever-astounding Bookninja has just revealed to me the existence of Swindle, an automatic aggregator of poetry that appears on the internet. It updates daily.

Each day, Swindle gathers links to new poems by visiting a human-edited source list of RSS feeds. Sources include literary journals (42 Opus), top-shelf magazines (The New Yorker), and reprinters (Verse Daily). Links remain on the site for seven days before shuffling into oblivion.

Without Swindle, I wouldn't have found this poem, "My Problem With the World," by Brenda Paro in Rattle. It begins like this:

My Problem With the World

Occurs because pregnant women
wear signs on their bellies
that say they’ve spread their legs.
Because the smell of sewers
rises hot and thick from below
sidewalks, beneath the feet
of suited business men.

And it goes on from there and I'm really glad I read it. Yay for internet-crawling robots!