Just got a call from Pat Walsh, the Editor-in-Chief at MacAdam/Cage regarding my earlier entry. Walsh says the phone system at MacAdam/Cage has been shot for a few months now, and the new system should be up tomorrow.

He doesn't deny money problems—"We've been having kind of a cash crunch for a few years now," he said, which meant that they were "unable to print all the books we wanted to print." Some titles have only seen a few hundred books published and so they are basically unavailable at booksellers. Stacey Levine's book is one of those titles that has suffered—of the major online retailers, there's only one copy available at Powell's at the time of this writing. Walsh says Levine's book will get a proper roll-out at some date in the future, although they've had to change the tentative release date twice already. He also says that Jack Pendarvis's upcoming release "and a couple of other books" have also been delayed because of money troubles.

Walsh says things are slowly looking up at MacAdam/Cage: "Every month our backlist sells a little more," he says, and he predicts that the publisher will be out of their financial hole by November.