Slog Tipper Rich points us toward an anti-feminist website called The Spearhead, which is currently arguing that women are fucking up science fiction, and that science fiction belongs to men, and women should butt out. It begins "Science fiction is a very male form of fiction," and it continues:

The current generation of boys will not have this inspiration from science fiction, at least from science fiction on television and in movies. That’s because there is an undeclared war on real science fiction on TV and in movies. The former Sci-Fi channel, now “Syfy”, is a good example of what has been happening to science fiction on television. In 1998 Bonnie Hammer took over the Sci-Fi channel and declared that “more female viewers were needed”. Over the next several years, the Sci-Fi channel became increasingly feminized losing many of its traditional male viewers in an attempt to go after women viewers. This included making the logos “warmer and more human” because the logos before were “too male and too dark”. The biggest change was in the feminization of the programming shown on the Sci-Fi channel. The re-imagined re-delusioned Battlestar Galactica is a good example.

Also at fault for ruining sci-fi? The gays:

Man on man action!
  • "It's good being a man, isn't it? Just a couple of men, doing man-things. Yup, that's us."
Things are worse in Britain. A few years ago Doctor Who was brought back. The man who brought back Doctor Who was Russell T. Davies, a gay man who proceeded to add a recurring character called Captain Jack who comes from the 51st century that was bisexual omnisexual. Yes, omnisexual as in not only is this character bisexual, but he has no problem with having sex with non-humans too. If you read interviews with Davies and the writers they use the term omnisexual to describe Captain Jack. Davies has also admitted in interviews that he believes everyone will be “omnisexual” by the 51st century. Davies had more plans like this for Doctor Who, but there were so outrageously bad and obnoxious that the leftist BBC actually put a stop to him doing that (citing that Doctor Who was traditionally a “family show”).

Thanks to Slog Tipper Rich for sharing the Spearhead with all of us. Rich also points out "I have a feeling that they don't realize that the name of their site would be the coolest gay bar name ever."