Newsarama has a longish interview with Chris Ureta Casos, the buyer for Wallingford comic book shop Comics Dungeon:

Reading comics for me can range from incredibly transcendent to horribly enraging. I was taught how to read with comics and fortunately (or unfortunately) they’ve stuck with me for the long run, so visual narratives have been engrained into me and I often can get a little too engrossed in what I’m reading.

He also discusses how comics had better find ways to bring in female readers, because women are unabashedly embracing genre:

I was talking with a customer not to long ago, and we were asking the same question about Hollywood and other mainstream outlets and what trends might pop up over the next year. We decided that unless the powers-that-be were complete idiots, they would realize the potential with the increasing amounts of female genre fans with the popularity of Twilight and Firefly. Comics saw substantial new interest from female fans when Buffy Season 8 came out, and there were so many great books coming out at the time to cross-sell such as Runaways, Fables, and Y The Last Man.

Hooray for local comics stores! Incidentally, this week is officially Indy Comic Book Week, which means you should investigate your local comic shop to see what kinds of nifty non-mainstream material is available. I really enjoyed Chimichanga, an all-ages comic about a bearded girl and her pet monster from The Goon's Eric Powell.