Enter any comic book shop and you will see:
All female characters, every single one, share a certain superpower: massive, juicy, gigantic tits.
Rubus, you mean like the girl on the cover of "Chimichanga" that Paul has in his post? Lookit the jugs on that chick.

The problem in Chris Casos' statement, "We decided that unless the powers-that-be were complete idiots..." is that it's been known for many years that the traditional comic book customer base , a male who started reading in childhood and is now around 30, is shrinking, and new demographics need to be attracted to comics somehow. There have been continuous bad or gimmicky attempts to do this for years, like "Spider Man Loves Mary Jane" or Marvel and DC manga versions of their super heroes. Heck "Power Pack" and Marvel's "Star" line were efforts to attract new young readers who'd grow up into 30 year-old readers. Marvel and DC have tried belatedly and lamely to jump on the manga bandwagon, which has attracted a much larger female readership than super hero comics, but Viz sewed that up pretty well in the 80s and still dominates the imported and translated comics market.

Much like they won't let Spider Man actually stay married or Hal Jordan actually dead, Marvel and DC--and, to an extent, many smaller competitors--won't experiment with comics in different enough ways to attract a new crowd.
I think they need to get more women writing and drawing comics first.
@#3 My thoughts exactly.

As a female reader, I object to the Chasing Amy notion that women readers are only interested in romance comics--more women would read mainstream cape books if there were more comics written and drawn by women, not to mention more A-list heroines.
Good luck converting them from manga
My favorite comic book (as a lady) has always been Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Give me more stuff like that please.

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