E-books represent a huge problem for the autograph, which is one of the central pillars of book readings. How will authors sign their books in the future? You can only get about eight signatures on a Kindle in Sharpie, and the end result would be pretty ugly, too. TeleRead believes they have found someone with a solution:

It’s so simple, it’s genius.

Removable, collectable vinyl covers — plain, a selection of colours, maybe they can be stylised by your favourite art toy designer — but ultimately, they’re there to collect signatures. Take one to a Convention, keep it on you, it protects your Kindle, it looks cool — and you get to show off all the autographs/sketches you’ve collected.

I don't think this is a good solution for the problem. What, you're going to have a collection of vinyl book covers? That seems like a dumb thing to collect. Surely some enterprising young tech-head can come up with an elegant digital solution to the dying art of the autographed book? You won't be able to re-sell them, unfortunately, but the sentimental connection with a book and an author is important, and nothing signifies that connection like a signed copy.