Thats brilliant, the Stranger ought to seek out this budding young talent and snatch him right up; I think he'd classy up the joint.
ever since the first fanfic i read (and that was K-S fanfic), it's almost always true that you're better off never reading it - ever.

even if most of it is about Naruto boy on boy or the Twilight fanfic .... gaack.
What, never been with a girl with comfortable nipples?
I've read a bunch of this (and I mean to go back later, it's so wondrous), and my first reaction is that it's by someone for whom English is a second language. (I mean that in a good way, of course!)
ya gotta love when a work has both comfortable nipples and maggots, it's like a fanfic quality assurance seal.
wow, i'll never watch xmen the same. its like the vids of the asian chicks squeezing out an octopus.
I guarantee it was written by a Japanese person. "Redful" and the weird use of "comfortable" give it away.
I think it was written by that crazy guy in Paprika. Also, I am crying.
9 is a joke in any fandom.

Also, are you sure you haven't been had? There are authors who will mock bad!fic by writing, well, horrible fanfic.
You can't unread it. You can't unread it. You were right, and I was warned. (And yet, I don't regret the pictures of the kittens. And the commentary almost makes it worth it.)
I'm just happy there was a goddamm kitten.
Actually, "they were full, pointing upwards and were very comfortable" is kind of an awesome line. I very well may steal it.
Did anyone get that he managed to eat her ENTIRE leg in a matter of minutes, cause apparently he also has a super-human stomach size and teeth that work like a school of pirahna.
Man, I miss, a whole site dedicated to such atrocities in fanfiction and fan art.
Them, his eyes hurt after viewing such painful verse.
I thought the story was a nice diversion. Freaky, but nice-freaky. Someone obviously has either a very active and bizarre imagination or very active and bizarre acid trip (or both).
I have not laughed this hard in quite some time. All is not in vain.

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