What's the book? Look! It's Jesus! Amazing Holy Visions in Everyday Life by Harry and Sandra Choron.

Why is it useless? It's a bunch of objects (rocks, tree stumps, sheet metal, etc. etc.) that look like they have Jesus, Mary, or other holy figures hidden in them. I guess. Most of them just have blobs that look like they could be beards with two blobs that are separated by about the distance of a pair of eyes floating somewhere above the beard-blobs. This book really struggles to make pattern recognition into something more than it is.

Could anyone enjoy this book? This book tries way too hard to play both sides of the street: They're trying to attract religious people by not being too offensive, and they're trying to attract non-believers by being mildly sarcastic. For every one picture that's kind of neat (the Buddha Beehive is weirdly interesting), there are three or four more where you squint at the page like it's a Magic Eye until you finally recall that you're staring at a rock that some hick thought looked like the Virgin Mary and give up.