I'm bringing a ton of advance reader copies to Slog Happy for you to take home and read and love.

Some of the books are fun science fiction titles—some would say "trash"—like Black Magic Sanction and Night's Cold Kiss. I'm excited about Justin Allan's wild west fantasy novel Year of the Horse, too.

I'm bringing some literary fiction like Momus's The Book of Jokes (about the people who live inside the jokes we tell, and yes, that Momus), John the Revelator (a coming of age tale set in Ireland), and most especially The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight by Gina Ochsner, which I reviewed here.

I've got some local-interest titles, too, like Driven to Espresso, a photo book about the weird drive-through espresso carts of the Northwest (not the dirty kind) and local author Brenda Peterson's memoir I Want to be Left Behind, about growing up in the lunatic fringes of the Evangelical movement and the extreme environmental movements.

And much more, including a couple of books for kids, a book of movie lists for your bathroom or your entertainment center, a couple of really great anthologies, and a non-fiction book about Mexico City that I'm really excited to be giving away.

I'm calling no dibsies, people: If you want 'em, you've gotta come and get 'em. They'll be available for you to grab at the Five Point starting at 6 pm. I'll see you then.