What I find interesting about Dan at this point is that he's only in it for the Whuffie - but that sort of means screwing over his only friend. The pay off on this better be good.

I pegged Jules as being a bit of a sheep before, and now that he's not worried about Whuffie as much and making choices based on nostalgia, he's much more interesting and he doesn't really fit into the society anymore. The more pathetic he is, the more I like him.

Lil is a character that I can project a lot of youthful fears onto - she's like someone who's lived all her life a certain way and hasn't forged her own identity yet and she's not really sure she wants to... what is adolescent rebellion really worth if you can live forever and life is a popularity contest?
How many backups do you think people keep on file? If Jules's ex-wife can revert to a backup she made a year ago, it stands to reason that somebody could pretty easily jump back and forth between parts of their life by selecting different saved backup memories.
Also, since tech support still sucks even in the Bitchun Society, how often do you think people get restored from backups while the 'current' version of that person is still active? All it would take is a computer glitch to make tech support think that a new clone needed to be booted up.

Remember back in the beginning, when he wrote that missionaries typically get restored after they've gone missing for a decade or so. There must've been a point in the past when a missionary long thought dead came back and encountered his doppelgänger living in the Bitchun Society. I call this the Thomas Riker Problem.
Greg, is it really a "problem" if both Rikers have beards and want to nail Counselor Troi? I think not!
But Riker can't look at his own dick, or it'll turn him gay. Thus the dilemma.

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