I had a good time at Slog Happy last night. It was great to see everybody, even though I had to run soon after arriving to get to Cheap Beer and Prose at the Hugo House. I'm looking forward to hanging around longer next time (especially if Baconcat's suggestion of Beareoke Slog Happy holds up.)

I brought a ton of books last night, which means that there are more Slog Happy Literary Leavings than usual. It should be noted that though there are a lot of books here, the ratio of books brought to books left on the table remains about the same.

Several literary fiction titles were left behind, including A Little Distillery in Nowgong and Norwegian epic The Discoverer. Also left behind were literary novel John the Revelator, Ramparts Magazine biography A Bomb in Every Issue, and a poetry collection titled Three Years from Upstate.

And I'm kind of surprised that nobody took Never Give Up on Your Dream: My Journey by Warren Moon. What's wrong with you people? Why are you not interested in a "triumphant story of how Warren Moon overcame all obstacles to become one of the Top 5 quarterbacks of all time?" Don't you want to dream, people? Have you all given up on your dreams?

In any case, all of these books will be going next door to Value Village. If you read a Slog Happy book, I'd love to post your review on Slog. Send it to me, please.