The Stranger's sweet-as-honey bookkeeper, Renee Krulich, went to both days of Emerald City Comicon, too. And she took photos! Like this photo, of Harley Quinn, who is the Joker's girlfriend.

  • Renee Krulich

(An aside: I was pleased to see a woman who dressed as the Heath Ledger Joker this year; it was admirable of her to not want to go the tight-jester-costume route. She wanted to have a fucked-up face and wear baggy purple clothes, dammit, and that's what she did.) And here's Mojo Jojo:

  • Renee Krulich

More photos after the jump.

Here's Dr. Strange, whose footwear, it should be noted, is not in-character, although he got the mustache right:

  • Renee Krulich

There are other heroes at the convention, too, like the thoughtful people who are concerned about the health of your knees:

  • Renee Krulich

Personal bias: I always expect guys who are dressed up as The Crow to be whiners.

  • Renee Krulich

Here is the unlikeliest super-team ever: Superman, some guy I don't recognize somebody from Street Fighter, Rorschach, Female Captain America, The Crow, and Guy With Stuffed Cthulhu. Together, they are...the 4C-4! Remember to credit me in your fanfics.

  • Renee Krulich

There's much more in Krulich's Flickr streams. Here's Saturday and here's Sunday.