I really feel these kinds of discussions aren't valid unless you write your ideas on large, wall-size post-it notes, rather than large foam-core boards.
I visualize the next gen of libraries as docking stations for my iPad, in spaces a lot more like coffee shops and bookstores than these giant glass towers of opulence ...
@2, so you've only ever been in the one library, then? Figures.
and I should point out they have a nice manga collection at that branch (Beacon Hill)
@3 - used to take my son there, been to probably five meetings there - unlike you, I live in the real world where West Seattle is black and Beacon Hill is multiracial, not your artificial white-only life.
@5, what happened to "glass towers of opulence", then? That certainly doesn't describe the Beacon Hill branch, or any of the branches, really. In fact, it only describes one library anywhere, that I can think of. Sort of. But you've missed the point, as always. And you don't have an iPad.

As for your idiotic racial comments, I'll eat my hat if West Seattle has a higher percentage of black residents than the city as a whole, which is less than 10%.
@6 - a lot of our library money goes for the glass towers of opulence - if you'd been to that branch, which looks non-descript on the outside, you'd know it has nice windows nonetheless.

You see a trunk and say the elephant is a rope. I say it's a large animal and point out the rope is what it uses to eat with.
And this round goes to Will.
Better luck next time Mr. Fnarf!
@7, what the fuckety-fuck? Elephants? Ropes? Take your fucking medicine, Willie, you're cracking up.

Better yet, just stop posting here. No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to read your drivel here -- not here, not at the P-I, not at the Times. You are the closest thing to a universally reviled blog poster that has ever lived. Left, right, center -- the one thing we all agree on is NO MORE WILL IN SEATTLE.

Now, what were you saying? Libraries shouldn't have windows? That a library with a window is a "giant glass tower of opulence"? That's what you said, "these giant glass towers of opulence". Name two. Defend your thesis, shit-for-brains.

I've been to more library branches in the past six months than you have in your entire life, I'm quite certain of that. I made a project of it. We even went to, god forbid, Covington, KCLS, a place I'm still not sure really exists.
Uh, Mister Fnarf, the round is over.
BTW, thank you, Paul, for the Conover recommendation -- that book sounds like it was designed with me in mind. I just ordered it -- on Kindle, no less.
No body tells Mister Fnarf that it is over. He is done when he is done, son.
No. Knarf should shut the fuck up.

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