Slog tipper Philly writes: "If you type Barbara Kingsolver into the url box of Google Chrome, The first fill in text that pops up under it is 'www.kingsolver.com - Barabara Kingsolver.' I clicked on it" only to discover that you get a plain white page with text that reads:

Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver is imho an old ugly cunt and a THIEF who just stole this domain from a father of children in China who paid $ 1,888 for it for his PC problems solving company.

Well - karma is a bitch - we will see who will laugh last...

This message will be here for 10 days after which my registrar must give this domain to this old cunt based on dubious UDRP decision by semi-illegal body "National Arbitration Forum" whose only target is cash their fee and give domain to complainant (unless respondent is represented by a lawyer, then they are affraid to make such white-day robberies). And corruption is imho possible too.

How dare Barbara Kingsolver allegedly white-day rob a domain from a father of children in China who is so quick to repeatedly point out that his opinion is humble?