On Friday, May 14th at 7pm, I hope you'll join me for a little bit of an experiment. We'll be launching a new quarterly series at the Sunset Tavern called Verse Chapter Verse, which will combine an author reading with musical performance. And we've got a great lineup for our first show.

Sci-fi author and Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow will be in town with his brand-new book For the Win. I loved Doctorow's novels Little Brother and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, and I greatly admire his takes on copyright, DRM and the iPad. I expect we'll talk about his novels, the internet, and what technology means for the future of books and creative ownership. It will probably look a little like my interview with Jonathan Lethem at the Sunset last year, with a mixture of interview and audience questions. Doctorow is funny and ridiculously smart and unabashedly political. I can't think of a better author to launch the series.

And local band Pillow Army will be playing a whole set—we're pretty sure they're going to open for the interview portion of the evening with two or three songs and then play while Doctorow is signing books afterward, too. Pillow Army is one of my favorite bands in Seattle right now. Their lyrics are literary, they've got a full, rounded sound, and they draw from a number of great musical traditions in their music.

University Book Store will be selling Doctorow's books at the event. It'll cost $5 to get in—we'd like to pay Pillow Army for putting on a show—and I promise we'll make it worth your time and money.