What's the book? Emails from an A**Hole: Real People Being Stupid by John Lindsay. It's a collection of e-mails to people who put dumb postings on sites like Craigslist. It's based on this website.

Why is it useless? It's not so much useless as it is stupid. Lindsay e-mails people who are asking for cars for free on Craigslist, first pretending to help them out and then mocking them. The press materials try to compare him to Sasha Baron Cohen, but it's more like a dumb-ass Crank Yankers, only in a slower medium. I'd probably ignore this book, to be honest—I can't write about every poorly written, stupid, unfunny book, after all—but Lindsay's tone is wretched enough that I want to warn people away from him.

After Lindsay gets into e-mail battles with women, he often dismisses them as "bitches". But the thing that really crosses the line is this one interaction with a woman who posts an ad that says she "Finally ended a long and abusive relationship." She says she is "Looking for a great guy who can treat me like a woman." Lindsay replies to her post with a few trust-building e-mails, posing as a single man looking for a woman, and then he asks her if she cooks. When she replies yes, he said "Great! I just wanted to make sure you knew your place as far as cooking is concerned. What about cleaning and ironing?" After another exchange, he writes "As long as you understand that I wear the pants, the belt that holds these pants won't have to come off." Later, he tells her that his kitchen "hasn't been cleaned since my ex moved into that battered woman's shelter."

Could anyone enjoy this book? If you think that harassing battered women is funny simply because they were "dumb" enough to write about being battered in a personal ad on the internet, this is the book for you. You fucking asshole creep.