Wow. Thanks for the warning.
Is this kind of thing Tucker Max's fault? It sounds unspeakably vile.
Hey Paul, maybe you should pretend that you want to write a favorable review of this book and have the author attend some big time writers extravaganza in Seattle. Tell him he'll be the "featured new writer," and that the "featured new writer" from last year went on to be on the bestseller's list. He'll need to buy his own ticket out to Seattle, of course, and then once he's bought it send him an email that says, "Psyyyyyyyyyche!"
Holy fuck. Frightening. Does this shit sell enough to "justify" publication?
If you go to the website, he does have some really funny things - check out his response to the person who was looking for easy-to-conceal weapons - but the crank-yankers comparison is apt. However, I'm willing to bet that Paul intentionally scraped the bottom of this barrel for the most egregious example to use here.

The real reason that this book is useless is that it's yet another compilation of someone's blog. I learned my lesson when someone gave me a copy of "F'd Company" for Christmas.
I'm with @5: There are some gems on the website. I particularly liked the one where he posed as an ex-Marine (or ex-Navy man or whatever branch of the armed forces he picked) in response to a woman looking for a babysitter. But it belongs on a website, not in a book.
@5 and 6
I kind of think that if when you scrape the bottom of the barrel you come up with stuff that bad, it's a legitimate thing to point out. For me it puts a taint on the rest of it--he may be funny at times, but he's still an asshole.

props to @3. lovely idea.
that site gave me some lols when i first saw it, over a year ago. does that make me an asshole creep? you sound a little butthurt, paul. maybe you should write a full page letter denouncing the author, and run it next week?
I love the one about the pornographer trying to sponsor the little league baseball team.
Kurt Vonnegut said it best in his forward to _Mother Night_,
"We are who we pretend to be, so we must be very careful who we pretend to be."
@2, it seems like something more in the Maddox vein to me, but blaming Tucker Max is never a bad idea anyway.
The publisher is Sterling. Do they usually publish dreck?
Paul Constant has set a new personal record for panty-bunching. Congratulations are in order.
This is probably going to be used for the next Comedy Central TV series ...
@3 I think that is an absolutely stupendous idea. And, thanks, Paul, because I have absolutely no time to read by someone whose idea of a good time is mocking a woman who had the courage to get out of an abusive relationship.
Yeah, "unspeakably vile" just about sums it up. Yuck.
heh heh - @7 said "taint" and "asshole" in the same sentence - heh heh
you people have no sense of humor. and what's with the warning? is it for people who can't read book titles?

he claims to be an asshole in the truly deceptive of him

get over it.
Sorry but you did pick a bad one Paul. The rest are great and the authors writing style reminds me O.Henry.

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