nice intro. wish i could've been there (or, really, that it hadn't sold out).
what if we're blind? are you saying blind people can't enjoy the experience of listening to him read?
You're not blind, Will. You're not even deaf. But you sure as hell are dumb.
Woo-hoo! Tim is from Iowa City, and installed our new front door this past January. Writers have to eat too. Go see him at Elliot Bay and tell him our door is off the hinges.
@3 you knocked my block off!
It's like shooting fish in a barrel, Gus.
Sedaris is funny and entertaining - but he's kind of a douche. His Christmas stories were turned into a stage play which he apparantly hates, and a theatre I worked at made a cross-promotional deal with an auditorium where he was reading. He threw a hissy fit when he saw the fliers in the programs and would't go on until they were removed. I'm sure he didn't turn down the royalty check.
In all fairness, Sedaris built his reputation by being a funny, entertaining, self-admitted douche.
There was one or two more authors he mentioned, did anyone catch their names?

and I move that the woman with the laugh of a hyena be banned from future readings.....that was f*ing annoying.

Sedaris was awesome and ASL terp Kevin was trying to stay composed and professional, not sure how he could.
The interpreter was losing it during the joke about Epstein Nails. That was the funniest joke I've heard in a long time.

Paul, were you nervous? You sounded nervous - a couple of times you were talking a little too fast. But otherwise your intro was really excellent - well done!
I like when he writes about his mother. She's my role model.
You can find David Sedaris' recommended books on his (agency's) promotional page:…
(Click on the "Recommended Reading List" icon on the lower right side of the page)
@10: That was probably me. Sorry.

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