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Nick the Hat asks:

What's your favorite horror book?

It could be something current or something way old, no matter as long as it kept you up at night, raised a hair on your neck and kept you thinking about it for days later.

Mary Shellys Frankenstein haunts me to this day, an excellent existential horror story.

There is one Stephen King story that I read at way too young an age that I will think of forever. It was in Skeleton Crew—or, maybe, on further reflection, it was Night Shift—and it was about a man stranded on a desert island. (Actually, as I write this, another Stephen King story, about teleportation, came back to me, too. That one was pretty creepy.) If I read it now, I'm sure I wouldn't find it that scary. (And if I could give one book to my younger self to read so that it would scar him forever, it would be Horror Story and Other Horror Stories by Robert Boyczuk. It's a new-ish short story collection, and I haven't read all the stories, but what I have read is delightfully wrong.)

Besides that, Richard Matheson's I Am Legend creeps me way the fuck out every time I think of it.

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