Karen Finneyfrock
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One more event tonight that I wanted to highlight. At the Hugo House, it's time for the End-of-Residency reading. This means there will be readings by Storme Webber, The Stranger's own Cienna Madrid, and youth writers-in-residence Hannah Wood and Ema Mclean-Rigg. All four ladies will read from work they've written during their time in residency at the Hugo House.

And! Current Hugo House writer-in-residence Karen Finneyfrock will be reading tonight, too. (Here's why you should love Karen Finneyfrock.) I hear she's going to be debuting a piece from her upcoming young adult novel, making this, as far as I know, the first time an audience will hear any of this book.

There's a lot of exciting stuff coming out from Seattle authors in the next year, and Finneyfrock's novel is one of the most-anticipated of the upcoming books, making this event the unofficial kickoff for what could be the biggest year in recent Seattle literary history.