Slog Tipper Eric wants us to know that a new book review outlet is opening up this fall: The Los Angeles Review of Books.

The new review will debut online, but plans are for a print edition to follow, possibly an annual "best of" that will later become a quarterly or even monthly. Among contributing editors signed on are such writers as T.C. Boyle, Antonio Damasio, Jeffrey Eugenides, Carolyn See, and Jane Smiley.

Hopefully, the plan is not to just copy the New York iterations of book review magazines. Book review outlets need to be forward-thinking, and the interview with LARB's editor Tom Lutz sounds promising. It looks like they're going to include "a mix of written, audio, and video content" on the website, which shows more of an ability to embrace multimedia than most review sites. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.