Who wouldn't want an original sketch by a bona-fide Stranger genius? And it's easy! All you have to do is go to Jim Woodring's ProjectSite page and donate money toward his plan to build an enormous steel tip pen. If you contribute $50, you'll get a Woodring drawing of a pen mailed to you on a postcard. If you contribute $500, you will get an eight-by-ten inch drawing done with the enormous pen.

I wrote about this project a month ago, but tomorrow is the deadline for the project and Woodring has only raised about half the necessary money. Watch the video again; I guarantee you have never seen a grown man get so excited about a giant pen the way this grown man gets excited about a giant pen. Let's help make his dream come true.

(Image of a giant ballpoint pen comes from Woodring's proposed pen is bigger, and cooler.)