Oh, Borders. I know that your finances are in the toilet, (Net loss of $46.7 million in the second quarter!) but I don't think that adding Build-A-Bear kiosks is going to save your bookstore chain.

In the midst of a bear market — and its own plummeting stock— Borders (BGP) bookstore chain is getting bullish on bears — Build-A-Bears, that is. By shifting its focus from books to more specialty items such as teddy bears, Borders is attempting to reinvent itself. However, the partnership between two retailers hit hard by the recession seems more last ditch effort than targeted strategy

You should read the whole article about why this is an awful idea. On the other hand, I think a gay makeover show called Build-a-Bear would be a spectacular idea.

(You're My Hero Bear can be bought from Vermont Teddy Bear for $75.95.)