After driving out most of our local bookstores over a decade ago Borders closed (for a Kitson outlet), and I believe Barnes and Noble is on it's last legs.
That's how we knew the end was near at the long-defunct book chain I worked for -- all sorts of desperation schemes to sell bears and figurines and artificial flowers and I don't know what all kind of Hallmark gift shoppe crappe. We had room for it all of a sudden because our wholesalers wouldn't sell on credit to us anymore so our shelves were half-empty. We'd even run down and shop the aisles of the Ingram warehouse, paying in cash from the till (we were the only store in the chain that was profitable).

Build-a-Bear means no more Borders in six months is my guess.
anyone who buys a $75 bear should be kicked in the face.
Buying Vermont teddy bears is great, cause women in Vermont make as much or more as men.
That build a bear shit is really stupid and I was cringing when my stepmother was being used by her 10 year old grandchild who somehow managed to get one while the 7 year old thought that that was unfair as she gets everything she asks for (for the most part that is true but there were some very small occasions where the girl was told no). He got one in the end with the help of grandmother. Each bear cost somewhere in the $65-70.

The 7 year old boy got an army one and the stupid plastic helmet made in china cost $12. The 10 year old girl got something else which I will never remember.
...the bookstore equivalent of Jake Lamotta sings
Build-a-bear? Oh thank heavens. They're saved.
These are indeed the last days...
The Build-a-Bear in Borders is indeed stupid.

However, I will absolutely volunteer to be on the gay makeover Build-a-Bear anytime. Especially if there are other delicious, woofy bears involved!
That means I better use this damn gift certificate that my aunt gave me for christmas.....I always tell the extended family not to give me shit (or maybe just cash) because I will never use it...guaranteed.
Hasn't Borders been on the verge of going under for like 10 years now?
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I appreciate your support.
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