The Imp was a great magazine (or zine, I guess, depending on your definition of those two words) about comics. Author Daniel Raeburn only did four issues of The Imp, and they are all available for free download as PDFs now. Just visit Raeburn's site and click on the links. The issues about Dan Clowes and Chris Ware were both amazing, and I didn't even know that he produced a fourth issue, about saucy Mexican historietas.

But the issue of The Imp that I am most excited about everyone reading is issue #2: The Jack Chick issue. This is hardcore literary analysis of evangelical comics artist Jack Chick's body of work; calling him the Pynchon of evangelicals" is just the beginning.

Raeburn digs into the tracts, calling them "spiritual porn." He provides an alphabetical concordance to all of Chick's tracts, and he even closes the book with a map of the route that Chick takes to pick up his mail. It will probably answer any Jack Chick-related question you ever had. And it's free!