All the literary events are at Bumbershoot again today.

At noon, Cienna Madrid kicks things off with "I'll Show You a Story," in which she show slides and reads from her nearly finished debut novel about growing up in serial-killer-ridden Idaho. Brian McGuigan will also read about growing up as a fat kid (Trust me: You won't want to eat during his show. He has some...interesting...slides. You'll thank me later.)

McSweeney's will be doing a program at 5:30. The one to watch here is Adam Levin, whose upcoming book The Instructions looks to be one of the buzziest books of the fall. You should definitely go and get a sneak peek at it.

And then at 7:15, I will be hosting a panel of TV writers who have now written novels. The authors are: local awesome lady Maria Semple, Simon Rich, who is one of the funniest essayists in the business right now, Steve Hely, who has written a novel titled How I Became a Famous Novelist, and Seth Greenland, author of Shining City. Between them, they have written for every good TV show that has ever been funny, including Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Office, and Saturday Night Live.

The full readings calendar, including the next week or so, is here.