Awesome! And former Stranger lady Samantha Shapiro's on there too!
Whatever Lindy's age, her wordplay and tremendous décolletage are timeless.
lw is my gf
Grats, @3
Yay, Lindy! And your aunt's potato chip cookie recipe is one of my best ever cookie recipes, too!
Wait, Lindy writes for the Telegraph? And yet, she is not only a ladywoman, but under the age of eighty-five! I can't reconcile these ideas. This is a newspaper that I think still refers to "Persia", "Tanganyika" and "Rhodesia". Well, well, well.

Case in point: a comment on her most recent piece:

"Jesus wept. If this is the kind of article you have to publish to appeal to the Youth Of Today, then please can someone pass me some old Vera Lynn records and point me in the direction of the nearest 'care' home."

Vera Lynn is a singer who was briefly popular SEVENTY YEARS AGO.
Cool and well-deserved. I still think people with petri dishes need to figure out a way to prove that Lindy's awesome-quotient exceeds all other living humans by 845%. But this list will work for now.
@6: When I write "shit" they change it to "rubbish."
This is entirely too gushy but seriously, some day people will say things like, "Not since Lindy West" and "It reads like a classic Lindy West milk-almost-came-out-my-nose laugh riot".

I'm sorry but it's nice to be anticipating good and not crap from creative people these days.

Because there's an awful lot of crap.

There, I brought it full circle with some negativity. Sweet.
Dude, have you seen the fun-free comments from Telegraph readers? Lindy called owls nerds, and the backlash was impressive. Here's one:

Lindy West needs to get out more at dusk and see a real barn owl - I've just seen one as I came off site at dusk and it is a wonderful site to behold - a white owl flying low over the fields and even more stunning down the lane through the arch of overhanging trees. Nothing to compare (except perhaps an eagle swooping along the mountainside with its prey in in its claws - but that was Spain).

THAT guy is a nerd.

Someone also called her "coarse".
Congrats, Lindy. I anticipate the Gawker response will be super lame.
Whoopee! And what a writing sample to link to. Does this mean Hank gets carried as a lady-muff-cover to the awards ceremony?
Congratulations to Lindy! I just had to read that SatC2 review again after reading them reference it.

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