The list of stores I can't shop at is growing. But I'm not sure that it's appropriate to boycott over some dumb book by some mother who will lose her stupid battle to run her son's life. But whatever.
The only thing I've ever purchased at Wal-Mart was a black, leather belt.
I think the woman that wrote this book should be spanked with it.
Anyone who respects fair labor practices shouldn't support wal-mart.
Does this mean that any store that carries the book should be boycotted? And why this book? I find it impossible to believe that this is the only homophobic book in mainstream publication.
wait, are we still boycotting Target? Cause I need tampons, and I'm running out of places I can buy them.
@4 Because every homophobic book in publication hasn't been listed, we should let this one go? Perhaps the difference is that this is aimed at kids who are in need of a "cure," and their parents who seek to have them "cured."

@5 I hear moss works quite well... :)
I refuse to reimburse expenses if my mom shops at Walmart.

But boycott? Nah, just never go there.
Why would one boycott Walmart for this, but not also boycott Amazon? This doesn't make sense. How about we just boycott the book itself? That seems easy enough. Done!
@5 cherokee hair
I don't steal (the occasional illegal download of something I am curious about but not interested enough in to purchase aside) and I abhor theft in general, but I maintain a short exception list of outstandingly evil organizations against whom I would consider various petty crimes to be a political act. Wal-Mart is high on the list.

Unfortunately I'm never AT Wal-Mart, so I have yet to actually profit from this particular self-serving moral flexibility.
This woman's other book, My Darling From The Lions: A Boy Falls to Homosexuality, a Mother Turns to God, a Family Is Changed Forever sounds very delusional. Let's hope that the future brings few sales and a quick trip from the remainders table to the shredder. That poor son of hers is going to be mortified, some time or other when he grows a pair.
This is dumb. You don't boycott a place because of what they sell. You boycott because of what they say and do, especially with your money.

Lots of shitty books are published every damn day.

Also, what #8 and #12 said.
Hey, who wants to go to Wal-Mart and poop in a book? Anybody? I know the perfect book.
There's dozens of perfectly fine reasons to never set foot in a Walmart, but boycotting them for stocking a book is, ideologically, wrong.
If Elliot bay carries that book, do we boycott them?
@13 that's what Cafe Espresso is for. Print it at the UW Bookstore or their other locations nearby.
I'm boycotting Slog because you posted about this book.
I know - let's gather up a pile of the book and burn them! Oh, wait. That doesn't sound right.
Paul, did the bad bad Mormons hurt you?
you've really got it bad.....
One problem is that many other bookstores are also carrying this product (the first "hit" I got in a search was for Amazon) There are plenty of good reasons for people to boycott Walmart, imo this just isn't one of them.

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