The left wanted their own version of George Bush and they were angry they didn't get it. Now they're going to go have a pout and not vote.

Meanwhile, the far right are going to push on and vote for their candidates that will actively seek to destroy every value the left holds dear. And they're eventually going to get it too.

Because you're all off in the corner pouting on election day.
So, I guess you wouldn't recommend it to Dan.
The title tells me everything I need to know about how thoughtful and carefully reasoned it is. Well, that and the fact that in order for it to be coming out now the author must have started writing about a month after the inauguration.
I'll await Glenn Greenwald's book on Obama.
I was excited to read this rundown of Hodge's CSPAN BookTV debate with Alter:…

And I enjoyed this No Comment mini-interview with him also (note - Hodge was editor of my beloved Harper's until MacArthur hurled him out):…
Sorry to hear the book isn't so good. The shorter article version that appeared in Harper's was good, though kind of brutal.

This was the quote that really got me:
"Let us grant that Barack Obama is as intelligent as his admirers insist. What evidence do we possess that he is also a moral virtuoso? What evidence do we possess that he is a good, wise, or even a decent man? [. . .] Public morality requires public action, and all available public evidence points to a man with the character of a common politician, whose singular ambition in life was to attain power"

Article here if you've got a subscription, which I recommend.…

Also just tangentially to clarify who's who: Harper is an imprint of HarperCollins which is owned by Murdock's News Corporation. Harper's Magazine is published by the Harper's Magazine Foundation which is independent.
do any of these bitches remember the bush administration? particularly before 06, when we got control of congress back? like when there was a fucking COUP in 2001? or when they put gay rights on the ballot in 2004 to GOT (bigot) V? obama got the keys of a broken down ford fiesta smashed up at the bottom of a cliff, and the GOP congressassholes keep pouring karo syrup in the tank.

jesus christ i'm sick of the whinging. you too, savage.
The Democrat "so-called" Party of 2008 was an un-Godly marriage between card carrying blue collar steel workers in Pennsylvania and Yurt Dwelling aged-star children from was only a while before both sides realized they would never get what they wanted.

Now every Green is kicking himself in the pants for not running Nader and trying to grow an alternative party one percentage point at a time, while working class whites finally got cable broadband and are subscribing to Tea Party newsletters.

End game: The dissolution of the Democrat Party
@9: What a fascinating story.
This is the worst president since the last one.
haha another lock step liberal. Look all your criticism is fair just don't blame the guygal or party that's perpetuating it.

BTW, stop calling liberals leftists.

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