If, like me, you're dying to read Haruki Murakami's next novel 1Q84, (it's a runaway bestseller in Japan right now) you should go over to Night RPM, which has translated an interview with Murakami about 1Q84 from Japanese to English. If you want to come into 1Q84 fresh, you shouldn't read the article—details about its sci-fi-heavy plot are discussed—but if you like Murakami you know that spoiler warnings aren't really a concern when reading his books; it's not the destination, it's the journey.

I was saying to friends the other night that this could be the book that breaks the next big thing: translation piracy. Night RPM expresses dissatisfaction that the books aren't coming out until next year, and that the first two volumes will be translated by Jay Rubin, with the third volume translated by Philip Gabriel. Since the books are readily available in Japan, I expect someone—or a group of people—will undertake an unauthorized translation and release it on the internet. A lot of Murakami fans will not have the willpower to skip an imperfect translation for the promise of a fractured, authorized translation in a few months.