Amazon issued a press release announcing huge Kindle sales. They said they've sold way more of their new Kindles than they sold during the 2009 holiday season. And Kindle books are outselling other books by a large ratio.Thing is, they're still not telling exactly how many Kindles they've sold.

What do you have to hide, Amazon? Apple is very up-front about the number of iPads they've sold; why can't you divulge sales numbers, too?

In other e-reader news, Barnes & Noble accidentally published what could be an image of their new color touchscreen Nook e-reader over the weekend. They're officially unveiling the device tomorrow. Shockingly, like every single other tablet or e-reader produced in the last year, the new device will be mostly made up of a screen, with a plastic bezel surrounding it. Except, what's going on with that funky corner? Is it designed to be worn as a lanyard or something?

Everyone is wondering what Barnes & Noble has planned for their color device. Will it just be an LCD screen? If so, what's the difference between a Nook, say, and a tablet computer, and why would people choose a Nook over an iPad? Will it have a Pixel Qi-like screen that shuts off the backlight? Or will it have some kind of color e-ink or Mirasol display? We'll know by this time tomorrow.