You mislabeled the slogger Paul Constant.
the guy on the right is so hawt.
Registering only the headline and photo, I thought this was about intergenerational boots-knocking.
I'd like to ask Ryan if he's gotten any response from Steven Pinker. Sex at Dawn lays into Pinker pretty heavily at several points (justifiably so). Could someone over there ask him...?
Paul's an awfully good book critic, but someone needs to take him aside and do something about his hair.
Thanks for the link Charles. Ryan's doctoral dissertation was guided by a world renowned Stanley Krippner. Is the Stranger going to recommend Krippner's

~ Upcoming Personal Mythology Workshop ~
January 28–30, 2011 • Seattle, Washington
Fri. 7-9, Sat. 8-9, Sun. 9-1

300 dollars! Sign up today suckers!
@5: C'mon, man. I've seen Paul in person, this isn't a representative picture. Dudes who don't use a lot of product (myself included) sometimes need to take a swipe at our bangs now and again. However, props for not holding to the double-standard of only judging women by their appearance!
NM, too hasty: "awfully good book critic". Sorry.
Waitaminute. "Cross", not "inter".
@9, the Cross-Generational Love Liberation Front is going to have your ass for that one, Gus. Unless the Inter-Generational Sex Party Liberationists get there first.
That picture is the fucking cutest shit of all time. I cannot look at Paul w/o smiling.
@10, I'll escape with another round of disguising plastic surgery, though to be honest I am ready for a change. Last time I went under the knife I came out looking like a not-much-younger Jean Godden.
HAHA funny
At first glance I thought it was an article about a gay Republican couple. Note the Didier banner in the background.
Wow. That's a freaking adorable picture.
i'd like to do something to paul's hair: run my hands through it!
This is Paul's "My boss made me get a picture with this guy because he loves his book" face.
Huh. So, is everyone who works at The Stranger, other than Dan, under 30? I was imagining Paul Constant as a baggy cords and tweedy jacket black rimmed glasses thinning hair kind of guy, like a tenured prof at a liberal arts college back east...but, he's apparently 16, so I guess not. Cute picture, but way to make me feel old, thanks.
Canuck, I was also surprised to find that Paul was as young and unblemished as he is!

PeteinJapan, No, haven't heard anything from Dr. Pinker. Standing by.

Canuck, having loyally read this rag since it began, over the years I've noticed that aside from Dan and Charles, whenever a staffer reaches a certain age...well, did you ever see the movie "Logan's Run"? Like that. Paul is getting pretty old for this newspaper, actually.
Looks like a script kiddie is hard at work. Every single comment by "nike air jordan jumpman pro" is a copy of a few earlier lines from an earlier comment. Looks like hundreds of them. Gotta be a script, not a live commenter, unless he's unusually dedicated (and stupid).
Ah, Logan's Run, that explains it (show us your palm, Paul!!) Of course, I had to Google it, as I couldn't remember the lead actor's name, only that he was my very first movie crush when I was 12, and I found this image...god, I forget how completely fabulous and full of rainbows the seventies were:…
And gus, I will only tell you this (on this very private public blog) that when I was about 10, and was watching an old movie with my mom, that I felt strangely drawn to Peter Lorre...ack, I was a strange child...
Peter Lorre! What a sophisticated response at a young age, Canuck. I tip my hat.
Awesome reading/discussion, Christopher. Thanks!

BTW, that lesbian in glasses on the right is kinda cute. Is she seeing anybody?

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