This is really kind of strange:

On Tuesday, writer Michael N. Marcus submitted the manuscript of his latest book, The Brainy Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing, to the CreateSpace print-on-demand service for printing. As one might expect, Amazon came in for some mentions—indeed, given the effect they’ve had on the self-publishing landscape, it would be surprising to see any treatise on self-publishing in the present-day that didn’t mention them. Marcus said that the mentions were “approximately 99% positive.”

CreateSpace sent him the following response:

"The interior file submitted for this title contains text referencing Please remove all text and/or logos which reference"

This is made all the weirder by the fact that CreateSpace is an Amazon subsidiary.

Marcus went to another self-publisher instead. The response does sound to me like an automated reply of some kind. This is the kind of instance where it would be great if's publicity team answered my phone calls—I left a long message with the Media Relations Hotline, which I suspect is an answering machine in a dank, empty warehouse—but I bet that's not going to happen anytime soon.